Job-Hunting Sites Want Google To Withdraw Its Job Listing Tool

Many job seekers prefer to search for available employment opportunities through online job sites. Aside from the job description, job sites post reviews like King Kong reviews from its former and current employees. Reviews can be trusted particularly when they come from employees who have direct personal experience with the company.

According to Reuters, 23 job recruitment sites have written the European Union’s Competition Commissioner to require Google to withdraw its first-party job listing tool from the search engine’s results. The job-hunting sites include UK-based Best Jobs Online and Germany-based Intermedia and Jobindex.

It is claimed that Google is unfairly pushing job seekers to use its service while the pages of job sites are being pushed down on the search results. The job-hunting sites fear that Google may start running ads on the search tool in the future. This will result into third-party job sites being cut out entirely.

The Google tool will appear when a user searches for terms that are associated to common jobs like “call centre jobs.” Although the tool links to other job sites where job seekers can submit applications, it includes features like the ability to save listings, filter results and setup alerts.

Two years ago, Google was fined with a record-breaking €2.4 million for manipulation of search results to prioritize its own comparison shopping service. Although there are certain similarities to the two complaints against Google, the difference is the job listing sites are not being cut out from the process entirely.

Even if Google links to competing services and does not offer its own application process, the 23 job-hunting sites argue that there is no equal treatment. In its statement to Reuters, Google insists that the tool is designed to address previous antitrust complaints. Job listing sites that Google prominently links to have experienced an increase in the number of job applications they receive because Google increases the traffic to the sites.

One of the most important factors for job seekers is career growth. There are online reviews like King Kong reviews from former and present employees that mention career growth as well as work-life balance to help job seekers make informed decisions.

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