Jobs You Can Take With A Graphic Design Degree

A lot of college students wonder what they can do with their degrees once they graduate. It’s an important question to ask, after all, and can even shape what degree students go for.

Graphic design degree holders don’t have to be worried about options; as they have a wide range of professions they can get into. Their degree doesn’t limit them to graphic design, as they can also make a living making an Architectural illustration or the like.  Here are just a few of the options and the opportunities they offer.

Graphic designer
Salary range (beginner-experienced): £16,000-£50,000/US$19,000-US$60,000

Well, obviously. Best to get the obvious one out of the way, naturally.

Graphic designers design content for print and digital media, with a lot of variety on the specifics of their job. They’re welcome in branding, advertising, media, marketing, and others, making stuff for magazines, websites, apps, and the like.

You might have to start out as a junior or a freelancer, but, with some work, you’ll be paid generously for doing what you love, with different options on where to start and how to move up the ladder.

UX designer
Salary range (beginner-experienced):  £23,000-£40,000/US$28,000-US$54,000

For those who have a graphic design degree and love digital, the job of UX designer is perfect.

Short for user experience, UX is all about designing software and other digital formats in order to make sure that the users that use it have the best time possible. With how digital society is becoming, it’s no surprise that this job is in demand, with lots of options and good pay.

Salary range (beginner-experienced):  £14,000-£40,000/US$17,000-US$48,500

For those that love to bring visual ideas to life, the job of illustrator is perfect.

Illustrators cover a wide range of topics, creating drawings, digital art, diagrams, and the like for clients, making it good for those with artistic talent and creative drive. If you’re into architecture and building design, then you can go into Architectural illustration specialization; you have many options, like the other fields for the graphic design degree.

Most of the time, illustrators start out as freelancers, with the option to work full-time for an agency, then move onto teach illustration, or setting up your own agency.

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