Kingdom Of Thailand Prepping For Funeral Of Late King

The funeral ceremony for the late King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, is going to happen next month. The event will bring the entire metropolitan to a stop as they pay tribute to His Majesty.

Tourists who will be staying at hotels in the city such as Ad Lib Bangkok are advised to be considerate as the country mourns for their late King. He is the longest monarch to reign in the entire history of Thailand. He took the throne more than 70 years ago on June 1946 and he was 88 years old when he passed away last year on October. Majority of the local Thais have not known any other king aside from him and the Southeast Asian country considers the monarchy of the highest respect. Ever since the death of the late king, the entire country has been mourning which is still evident a year later.

In the entire year of mourning, preparations have been done in order for the funeral to be ready. The event will last for five days and the estimate cost of the entire ceremony is about $90 million. Funeral chariots by the royal have been restored to their glory and a special urn was made which will be used to store the ashes of the king. SanamLuang, a large square located in the heart of Bangkok, is the site where a big temporary crematorium was built. It is also the same place where previous funerals by the royals have been held.

The site will be where the coffin containing the body of the king will be delivered using the royal chariot. The chariot will be pulled by local Thais in a group of hundreds. A memorial service will be held along with a khon which is a dance performance by Thais reserved only for the monarchs. Cremation will take place during the sunset where a pyre consisting of tree wood from a rare kalamet type will be burned.

The following morning, the ashes will be gathered and kept inside the custom-made urn. Visitors to the capital staying in hotels such as Ad Lib Bangkok are asked to be considerate of the large crowd and disrupted commute. They are also expected to pay their respect during the ceremony.

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