Latin America Bringing The Next Big Thing In Fast Food Industry

There is no shortage of fast food chains in America. Everywhere you turn, every place you go to, there is surely a nearby fast food restaurant you can grab a bite in. These western franchises are taking the world by storm but Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan believes that the next big thing in the fast food industry is coming from Latin America.

According to experts, the world is going to see more of platanomixto, completos and Peruvian sanguches. These are far from the usual western food menu offered in fast food restaurants. These chains are said to be planning to launch franchises all over the globe to catch up with the growing market with the hopes of claiming dominance after a few years of operation.

Experts said that the world might appreciate food choices with Hispanic touches to them such as doughnuts and hot dogs. As of now, the fast food industry is led by franchises from the west including Subway, McDonald’s and Burger King. Krispy Kreme, which opened to the market only this century, now has more than 400 franchises all over the United States alone. Their doughnuts are even served to convenience stores as well as garages internationally.

International Business Review released a report indication that the international franchise scene could be seeing some major changes. According to the research, there are large expansions coming from franchises in Latin America such as Brazil. There are many major food chains in the region that are growing rapidly all over Latin America and these are expected to conquer the world in the near future.

This is also the belief of Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, an entrepreneur with Venezuelan roots. He said that the fast food industry is now ready for the much needed expansion and growth. The fact is that franchises coming from startup markets are excelling when introduced to other startup markets. The result is even better for franchises coming from MEDCs also known as more economically developed countries. He explained that this phenomenon is due to the absence of corruption as well as inefficiencies which are one of the most common hurdles to businesses that are just starting out.

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