Local Boutique Helping Military Brides

Sgt. Courtney DoMoe, an Air Force Staff, is getting married on December 10 this year but she is yet to decide on some of the details of her wedding day. She has been occupied with various responsibilities, one of which is being based in South Korea and serving the country, thus she is not yet sure how much budget she can allot for her bridal attire.

The local of Poughkeepsie in New York know that she will not be able to afford to spend thousands of dollars that some women are able to spend for their bridal gown.

While on her way to visiting Poffie Girls, a bridal boutique that is located in Gastonia, she paused outside the door and admitted that she have no idea what she will get and she haven’t had a chance to try on dresses yet. She then shared that she is not willing to spend more than a few hundred dollars especially if she is going to pay for it herself.

Upon entering Poffie Girls, she did not expected that one of her dreams will come true, along with 20 other brides-to-be who will be walking down the aisle in the coming months. The local boutique has been participating in a program called Brides Across America for six years already. The program is an initiative that aims to give bridal gowns to bride that is serving or has served the military or if the fiancée is currently serving.

The brides-to-be who came on that same day are awed by the generosity of the business andsome of the women came from far places including Texas, Tennessee and South Carolina.

The Poffie Girls boutique in Carolina is not the only business that is part of the program. This happens annually on the month of November. The first three years, the gowns are given on a first come, first serve basis but it was changed after women spend almost 24 hours camping just to be the first in line.

This is a blessing for them and they were able to save a lot and spend the money on other important details of the wedding such as the marquee. For those who are getting married in Australia, contact your local Perth Wedding Marquees company.

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