Lowe’s Offering Virtual Renovation Of Customers’ Bathroom

According to Lowe’s, their customers will be able to easily visualize what their bathroom renovation will look like if they are able to do so in virtual reality.

The store of the leading home improvement brand located in Framingham, Massachusetts has been allowing their customers to have firsthand experience for several weeks now. They are given the chance to renovate their bathrooms such as install new bathroom tiles but they don’t have to get their hands dirty with all the cement and grout in real life since it is done in virtual reality.

The virtual reality set up is inside a small space enclosure where customers in Lowe’s Framingham can access it for 20 minutes. They are operating with the help of a virtual reality headset from HTC Vive. The customers can freely interact with a 3D version of their bathrooms. The customers then listen to the detailed instructions provided such as how to install the tiles inside the bathroom, when the proper time to mix the cement mixture and eventually how to lay out the tiles.

According to Kyle Nel, the executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs, the new virtual reality that the customers are experiencing is mainly an immersive tutorial through digital means designed for customers who desire to learn about basic skills while doing it by themselves.

Nel added that majority of customers do not know how to create DIY projects in these days. The thing of the past wherein generations after generations learn from their elders on how to modify homes as well as perform basic maintenance is long gone.

The new interactive project aims to introduce to customers the virtual reality experience as well as attract more people to come visit the store. The technology is expected to launch in Canada next month at the giant’s branch located in Quebec and one located close to Toronto. Nel also said that they are still deciding on another US branch where when the VR experience will be introduced as well. For those who are not into virtual reality and wants to have their bathroom renovated, they should contact local companies that provide professional services such as Lucy J Designs Bathroom Renovation.

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