Luxury Rehab Centre And Facilities—A Booming Medical Tourism For Thailand

Thailand is not only offering is beaches to tourists looking for relaxation, but also to individuals looking for a luxury rehab center and other facilities.

Medical Tourism

While Thailand is starting to become a popular tourist destination for those who want to enjoy its beaches and lively culture, the country is also starting to become a dominant figure in medical tourism– that is a haven for luxury rehab center and other medical facilities nestled in a tropical country with beautiful beaches and interesting culture. It is now a growing destination for those who wish to recover from drug or alcohol dependency, abuse, or addiction.

Growing Demand

With the growing opioid epidemic in North America, as well as the troubling methamphetamine problem in Australia and heroin crisis in some European counties, there has been a significant increase in the number of individuals who wish to get clean. However, this demand, has not been met with enough centers and facilities, with some of them having to wait for months just to get help in their own country. This has led to some booking stays at rehab centers in Thailand, made especially easier with the country’s lenient guidelines in visa.

Rehabs at Temples

Now, even some temples in Thailand also offer rehabilitation services. The Thamkrabok Temple in the Saraburi Province is just two hours away from Bangkok. This temple is located at the foot of the mountains, with its golden roof standing out among the trees in the forest surrounding it. The temple is also popular for offering 15-day drug rehab program where patients excrete liquids through different means like sweating. The treatment is free, but patients need to pay for their own food and transportation, and promise never to do drugs again.

Patients are also under the care of the monks and nuns working at the temple. While the nuns and monks are responsible from growing, and preparing the herbs for the medicines used in the temple, they also assign chores to the patients. Their remedies have been so attractive that more and more foreigners are going to the temple for the treatment. Many return home, but some have become pupils and choose to stay at the monastery.


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