Luxury Tax For Samosas Met With Heated Reactions

New Delhi is considered to be one of the poorest states in the country of India. Recently, the state has announced its decision to add a luxury tax when purchasing samosas. Samosas are quite popular because it is one of the most well loved snacks by the locals in India. Because of this announcement, there are heated reactions from the residents and the locals of the state.

The proposed luxury tax was announced by the Bihar government and was only made early this week. The new levy which will be imposed in every purchase of samosas is the government’s way of making up for the expected loss in the revenue of the state when the ban for liquor sales commence this coming month of April.

Samosas are not the only food being levied but other consumer items as well such as cosmetics, perfume and selected sweets. This list is rendered to belong to a category of luxury items and will be therefore charged with an addition tax amounting to 13.5 per cent. Luxury tax on some of the items are deemed to be acceptable to the general public but there are heated reaction and questions asked as to why the samosas are included on the list.

Various social media posts from online users have shared their disappointment and bafflement on the inclusion of the samosas in the luxury taxable items.

Politicians belonging in the opposing party in the eastern part of the state, a part considered to be one of the most populous in India, are united with the people. They have disclosed their view that the said luxury tax will have a big impact especially to ordinary citizens.

According to a representative from the Bharatiya Janata Party in Bihar, Devesh Kumar, the proposed law is foolish and it will not serve the people but rather hurt the masses. He also added that this move is an obvious announcement of the government of the financial state of the state, not to mention the fact that politicians making up these laws are running out of ideas.

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