Mass Cleanup Held In Phuket

Phakaphong Tavipatana, the governor of Phuket, recently spearheaded a mass cleanup in the town of Phuket on May 6. It was a gesture done in honor of the King in celebration for his Royal Coronation. The mass cleanup which was organized in Bang Yai Canal benefits not just local businesses such as Novotel in Kamala Beach but the residents and tourists who are visiting the island.

According to the organizer of the mass cleanup event, there were over a thousand people who volunteered to join. The Royal Project, conducted under the slogan “We Do Good Deeds with Our Hearts” was done in honour of His Majesty The King.

Governor Phakaphong was the one who led the official launch prior to the start of the cleanup program. It began at 8 in the morning and everyone met at the Saphan Hin gymnasium which can accommodate 4,000 seating guests.

He began by saying that His Majesty is worried and thinking about the wellbeing of the citizens and therefore it is his goal to make sure that the nation is not only stable but to ensure that the lives of his subjects are better than before.

In line with this goal to relieve the people’s suffering and make sure they are nourish, which ultimately impacts the progress of the nation, His Majesty decided to launch the so-called Royal Project.

In time for the Royal Coronation, the provincial office of Phuket has announced that they are organizing a mass cleanup which is a volunteer activity. This is under the Royal Project and follows its end goal which is to help improve and rehabilitate the canal waterways located all over the country to benefit not just the environment as a whole but to make the quality of life of the residents better.

He concluded that the initiative brought together over 1,000 volunteers. There were government officials from various agencies, local admin officers, police officers, headmen for the subdistricts and even regular citizens. The cleanup is expected to positively impact the tourism, local businesses such as Novotel in Kamala Beach and the life of the people of Phuket in general.

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