Money And Time-Saving Tips When Moving

There is nothing more tiring than moving from one home to another but survey revealed that Americans are moving at an average of 12 times in their entire lifetime. Moving home is not something most people like but there are ways to reduce the hassle as well as the money you spend. Moving can cost a lot from buying moving boxes to hiring a moving company.

One thing you might want to consider is shipping items if the courier’s charge is not that expensive. This way you only have to bring the most important items in your car which you don’t want to lose while on transit. You can score free boxes from Craigslist or ask your local store. You can also save if you buy boxes in bulk instead of by piece.

According to U-Haul’s executive assistant based in Indiana, Curtis Reigelsperger, they have moved to more than a dozen homes within 20 years. He admitted that he and his wife are already experts when it comes to moving and it helps that he is an employee of U-Haul.

For those moving on their own, planning is very important which includes acquiring all the supplies necessary such as hiring a moving truck. Last minute preparations are discouraged which is the most common mistake of movers. When hiring a truck, get the right size, which will fit all your belongings. There are trucks as small as 10 feet or as long as 28 feet.

Reigelsperger explained that it is better to go bigger than to get an undersized truck which will force you to make a second trip. The cost is higher because charges depend on the mile the truck travels.

If you want your move to be done faster, you can spend a little more by hiring people that will load and unload your staff. They are not the same as movers who are in charge of everything.

You can also save by hosting a garage sale for all the things you don’t need. The money you will earn can cover a few of the moving costs such as buying moving boxes or paying for the hired truck.

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