NCW To Lose Two Health Insurance Companies

Despite the disappointment expressed by the Insurance Commissioner of the state, the governing body is not surprise that there is far lesser options when it comes to health care providers in central Washington.

Furthermore, there are two health insurance companies that will not be covering 12 counties any longer such as Douglas, Kittitas located in the north of the central region as well as Chelan.

A representative from the office of the Insurance Commissioner, Steve Valandra, revealed that areas that are fewer in population will more likely find it hard to find health insurance options. He also added that when it comes to the communities in the rural areas, it is difficult for insurance companies to find suitable provider networks since there is only very few of them.

The two health insurance providers that will be discontinuing their services at 12 counties are LifeWise Health Plan of Washington and Premera Blue Cross.

Valandra also shared that many companies are having negative reactions to the sudden increase in the usage of the health care due to the Affordable Care Act. When the Affordable Care Act was not yet implemented, the demand has been pent up for a number of years. Not to mention that some insurers were not able to properly price the plans they have. With the sudden increase in use, these companies are waking up to the fact that more people are using their health plans and they are on the losing side of the bargain.

For consumers who have health care applied with either LifeWise or Premera Blue Cross, there will be no changes if they are affiliated with the Medicaid despite the fact that companies will no longer be in Kittitas, Chelan and Douglas counties.

In Washington, on the other hand, many insurance companies are contemplating in boosting the premiums by around 13.5 per cent in order to cover for the increasing costs. The state has not issued the grant for this specific request by companies. It is no secret that health insurance is increasing every year in different countries such as Thailand.

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