New Drug And Rehab Facility In Bataan, Philippines Inaugurated

With the continued crack down of drug users, the Philippines will need additional facilities to handle and care for those who are willing to start anew. The facility can cater to those individuals needing the care of ecstasy drug rehab and especially those who are addicted with methamphetamine, an illegal drug prevalent in the country.

More users are surrendering to police authorities in order to get the treatment they need in order to start their lives away from illegal drugs. The Philippine government inaugurated the new facility located at the foot of Mount Samat which is called the Bataan Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center.

The hospital’s chief, Dr. Elizabeth Serrano, said that they were able to pursue the construction of the center with the help of the funds coming from the Department of Health together with the Dangerous Drugs Board. They were able to come up with over 50 million pesos.

Serrano shared how their operation started inside an old building located in Barangay Liyang in Bataan. The building was constructed by Kabataang Barangay back in the 70s to serve as a youth training facility. The team was spearheaded by Imee Marcos who is now the governor of Ilocos Norte.

Exactly a decade ago on the month of October, their operation started by offering 50 beds. Now that they have a new facility available, their bed count rises up to 220. The new center was constructed in a 1.7 hectares land. There will be an in-house program for regulars as well as an outpatient treatment. They also offer after care treatment, dental services and medical treatments. The facility is also equipped with a prayer room, a chapel for spiritual healing and an art room.

There will be a room dedicated for all paintings and art forms that are created by the residents of the rehab facility. As of writing, they have close to 90 regular residents while their outpatients are around 300 individuals. Of the total number, 60 per cent are locals of Bataan while the remaining residents are from different parts of the Philippines. Facilities such as this including ecstasy drug rehab center gives hope to many people who are hoping to start clean.


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