New Study Releases Current Trend Of Yacht Charter Industry

Luxury yacht hire in Thailand and in other countries as well have been doing great in the global market. This is according to a data gathered from a market study by the HTF MI which released a detailed analysis report inclusive of various tables, charts, figures, and graphs.

The Key Players

Moreover, aside from the current ones, the report has also predicted future trends, growth factors, industry validated market data, and attentive opinions. The forecast of the said study covers until 2023. Some of the companies which were subjected to the market study were Fairline Yacht, Northrop & Johnson, West Coast Marine Yacht Services Pvt Ltd., Super Yacht Logistics, Yachtico Inc., LLC, Zizooboats GmbH, Fraser Yachts, Charterworld Ltd., Boat International Media Ltd., Martelo Yachting Company, and the Boatbound Inc.

On top of the said companies, the study was also open to the possibility of additional profiles in order to achieve greater accuracy.

The Market Study by the Numbers

Moreover, aiming to achieve a clear picture of the market size, the competitive landscape was also provided. This included the revenue in million US dollars by Players from 2013-2018, the Revenue Market Share, and the analysis of market concentration rates.

In addition other aspects were also assessed including the differences of their products and services, and the technological trends in the years to come.

Innovation and Efficiency

Based on the results of the study, it was found out that companies are primarily focusing on innovation and in improving the efficiency of their products and services through the aid of modern technology. The major way wherein these industries could boost their growth opportunities would be through constant improvement and being strategic in their investments.

The 2019 Global and Regional Yachts Charter Reports also included various information about the key players of the market study. Specifically, they have included details such as their website, legal name, market position, and headquarters among others. The have also stated their historical background and their closest competitors for the past years.

Therefore, as the luxury yacht hire in Thailand and in other places in the world continue to work their way up their respective niches, these kinds of research studies are indeed essential in order for companies to keep in track of important trends which could give them a head start for their businesses.


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