Norwich Council Paid £50,000 Compensation

Last year, around 9 pedestrians have tripped while walking on Norwich and the council was forced to pay a total of £50,000 as compensation for tripping and falling. A warning was also released by the officers of the Norwich City Council regarding the diminishing funds in the City Hall which could further lead to the deterioration of the pavements.

In the last year alone, there were 49 final claims who are involved in incidents such as falling and tripping. 40 of the claims were defended by the city council and they were required to pay only 9 people which come to a total of £52.427. Last year’s compensation was higher than the recorded figure of the previous year.

Around 2012 up to 2013, there were 32 final claims and 26 failed to succeed in the trial. With that, there were only 6 people who were involved in tripping incidents and they were paid a total compensation of £26,887. The figures released already include the legal fees for the trial.

The council revealed that there is no exact figure or number of people that were known to be involved in falling and tripping accidents but the claims are proof that the problem regarding the pavements are getting worse.

The scrutiny committee of the city council have already discussed regarding the issue and according to them the top reasons why there are insurance claims include manhole covers, potholes and uneven slabs. Of all the claims, no one has reported accidents of slipping on ice or by waling over wet leaves.

The council also revealed that most the injuries are very minor like bruises and cuts, mildly injured such as sprained ankles or wrists and the most fatal ever recorded is the broken bones. It is only understandable that these injuries could have negative effects and implications on the person and his whole family.

The council also spoke up about the causes of these injuries and how the budget set for maintenance is not enough so only a few works can be prioritized. This is the reason the whole road does not have the perfect flat surface to walk on. The next year will be a good year for footways and kerbs since it will be maintained after receiving a £92,000 worth of budget.

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