Number Of Completed Buildings In Chennai Continue To Decline

Last year, it was noted that the number of buildings that were completed is considerably lower compared to 2015. In fact, the decline in Chennai Metropolitan Area is recorded to have reached 42 per cent.

Based on the data that was received by Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority, there were 312 buildings only that got their completion certificates last year while in 2015 there were 539 new completed buildings.

Sources from Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority said that many of these construction projects were granted the planning permission but they are not able to get approval when it comes to the environment clearance. According to an official, the completion certificates were not awarded because there have been delays in the filing of the environment clearance. The current condition of the market is also a contributing factor as to why there are buildings not completed in both residential and commercial sector.

As long as the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority is not awarding the completion certificate to the building owner, buyers will not be able to access service connections as well as they will not be permitted to live in the building. The residential buildings will only be given the completion certificate if the builder has completed the terrace floor equipped with weathering course, installation of the sanitary system and water supply, machine room for the lift, electrical installations, internal partition walls, water storage sump, parapet wall, kitchen partition, head room for the staircase and outer plastering of the building.

Based on the data gathered by Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority, majority of the completed buildings within the metropolitan area last year are located in Adyar, Anna Nagar, Sholinganallur, Mylapore, Alwarpet, Nungambakkam, Egmore and Villivakkam.

There are various projects that were proposed in connection to the Metro Rail projects that were completed last year.

In 2016, a few buildings were completed in local areas such as Tambaram, Pallavaram and Tiruverkadu. There are already 17 buildings that reached completion in 2017 and seven of them are found in the suburbs. With the data gathered, it is safe to assume that in other countries plasterers play a very important role too. Plastering in Sydney is essential for a building to receive completion certificate as well.

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