Opioid Crisis Abused By Frauds And Scams

One of the biggest problems the country is currently facing is the opioid crisis. Many are complaining about the addition rehabilitation facilities that were developed to help those with opioid addiction because they are deemed unqualified in terms of the patient care, the service provided and the personnel employed. This is far from private facilities such as California detox center where high quality rehabilitation programs are available. These problems can be blamed on the fact that there are no set national standards and many inpatient are also at fault. This does not apply to every drug rehab programs because there are those that are designed to help the patients until they have recovered.

According to the CDC, there are about 114 people every day that are dying due to drug addiction and every day there are 6,748 individuals going to emergency rooms in hospitals to seek treatment for their addiction. A separate survey hosted by HHS SAMHSA revealed that around 90 per cent of addicts are not able to get the treatment they require.

There are various treatment methods used by these drug rehab facilities including 12 steps programs, psychological therapy, abstinence, medication assisted treatment, detox, social services, comprehensive programs and treatment for conditions that are co-occurring. Because of these different treatment methods, many have become skeptic of the rehab program’s ability to deliver result and it also gave scammers the chance to strike.

Private insurance companies are funding millions because of the treatment received by opioid addicts. The number is 1,000 per cent higher from the year 2010 until 2015. Fair Health revealed that in 2015, private insurers covered a total cost of $721 million. This came after the parity law made by former president George W. Bush and was further cemented by the ACA which was introduced in 2010.

Patients with opioid addiction can get treatment from California detox clinic or any other clinic in the country. The problem lies in choosing the type of treatment because the United States currently has over 1,400 treatment programs available. This is why the crisis is such a good opportunity for fraud because any company can provide a luxurious rehab facility but lacking in terms of required clinical care.

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