Paint The County Purple – Give Hope To Cancer Victims

How can you paint a county purple to raise awareness for cancer victims? It is easy. Tie purple ribbons all over the county and residents will surely notice. While the objective of is for improving aesthetics through the use of ribbons, it also provides an array of ribbons for different causes.

In Northampton County, residents are aware of the sufferings of cancer victims and they are hoping to raise awareness and funds for research by hanging purple ribbons all over the area to remind people of their annual event. The Relay for Life is an annual 24-hour walk event that occurs throughout the country which is also part of American Cancer Society. According to the organizers of the annual relay, they have been able to raise as much as $160,000 since they started this effort in 2012. This year’s event is planned for the middle of May.

It is important for cancer survivors to know that someone cares because it encourages them to be strong and to have faith that others are finding ways to help find a cure. 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of Relay for Life in Washington. It marks the 4th year of the annual event in Northampton County.

Purple ribbons have already been tied on the trees along Jefferson Street in Jackson and the organizers of the relay hope that other communities in Northampton will join as well. Board Members have voted to make “Paint the County Purple” official for the months of April and May.

According to a resident, the relay is personal to her because she was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and she has lost her mother and a friend to cancer. Taking care of her mother was an everyday commitment and it was during those trying times that Relay for Life came to Northampton County.

This year’s event will feature music, food and entertainment while the participants walk along the tracks that have been lined with luminaries’ honoring those who have battled cancer or are currently battling the illness. People can sign up for teams and they can also make donations for the cause. The event is expected to show solidarity and support for cancer victims.

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