Parents Exploring The Low Cost And Low Stress Birthday Parties

Bill Doherty, who is a family therapist and a professor, first noticed the effects of the pressure from having birthday parties 10 years ago. The process of having elaborate and expensive birthday parties for children was affecting the parents, with it becoming stressful and overwhelming.

The pressure to host birthday parties

Doherty remembered that a mother described how pressured she felt with inviting her son’s whole first grade class to his birthday party, because it was the standard.

Doherty, a professor at the University of Minnesota, has researched on birthday parties and its evolution. He said that destination parties started around the 50s, which was when mothers organized events and celebrations at places like the bowling alleys and museums. Outsourcing birthdays increased in the 80s, and the pressure increased along with it, according to him.

In response to this cultural trend, the professor held workshops on the subject of birthdays with no pressure.

According to him, the parents do not want to feel that their child is less unique compared to other children, which starts the pressure.

Low cost and low effort parties

Erin Spooner, a mother of three from Alberta, has felt the stress caused by the cost of having birthday parties. In 2016, she paid approximately $1,600 celebrating her sons’ birthday, as well as attending the birthday parties of her sons’ friends. This is why she went simple yet sentimental for the first birthday of her youngest son last December 29.

Kirsten Slatter found ways in keeping costs low for her children’s birthday parties. She collected coupons from craft stores, went to bargain stores for props and planned home parties.

Alexandra Samuel, a mother from Vancouver, said that most destination parties from her city cost anywhere from $250 to $300. She also warned that do-it-yourself parties are not for everyone.

Doherty also compiled some examples of the ways in order to remove the pressure of having birthday parties for kids through his Birthdays Without Pressure.

Aside from this, there are many ways to approach a kid’s birthday party, and one is a Party Hire in Sydney, which takes off the stress from it.

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