Passengers Of A Cruise Ship Warmly Welcomed By Myanmar Dancers And Musicians

Yangon of formerly known as Rangoon is the largest city in Myanmar that is undergoing a transformation to become a vibrant and revitalized city. Locals who want to enjoy a weekend break can stay at the hotel in Myanmar that offers comfort, tranquillity and warm hospitality. There is high speed Wi-Fi for those who want to stay connected to their family and friends and a cosy bar for relaxing drinks.

It was oppressively humid and yet dancers wearing the 8 major ethnic costumes of Myanmar braved the heat and the hustle and bustle at the Myanmar International Terminal. The dancers were waiting to welcome visitors who were aboard the MS Silver Muse, the cruise ship that is expected to be the last to dock in the country this year.

There were 425 visitors and 404 crew members aboard the Silver Muse, the cruise ship that is operated by Silversea Cruises. They arrived to Yangon from Phuket in Thailand last December 6. A band was playing traditional Myanmar music while the dancers were gracefully moving their hands and fingers with hips swaying to the music.

People on the luxury liner were watching with awe and amusement. One by one, they disembarked and went near the dancers and musicians for a closer look. Afterwards, they boarded a shuttle bus that will take them to downtown Yangon for sightseeing. The visitors have 2 nights and 3 days to shop for souvenirs and enjoy what Myanmar has to offer.

According to Myanmar Voyages International Tourism, visitors arriving through cruise ships usually bring a lot of money and if they stay longer, the more that they help the economy. Visa on arrival costs $30 at the Yangon Terminal. The cruise ship pays for the landing fees that are based on the size, weight and length of the ship and the number of days it will stay on Myanmar’s port.

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