People Waiting In Line In The Darkness To Get An Appointment For A Condo

People started lining up at 9:30 PM Sunday outside a redbrick row house on 24th Street NW. Nobody was selling concert tickets and neither was there a new restaurant in town. People were enduring the cold and darkness to get an appointment to buy a condo. The first 20 units of Westlight, a 71-unit luxury building at the West End will be released.

People were waiting in line for appointments. No incentives are being offered and there are no discounts on the price of the units. Prices start at $625,000 for a 631 square feet unit. A 3,051 square feet unit with 3 bedrooms will run upwards of $4.4 million. Given the intense interest for the condo, several of the units are expected to receive multiple offers. Not all of the people waiting in line will get a unit if their contract is not accepted by the developer.

Seth Lubran was first in line and came well prepared to wait with a red portable lawn chair, a bag of crackers, pretzel bites and 1.5 liters of soda. Seth was holding a place for Daniel Heider of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty. Waiting was not so bad for Seth but the weather was really cold.

Westlight sales staff wanted the wait to be as comfortable and civilized as possible. They hired Leopold’s Café to supply coffee and hot chocolate and to run their extension cords so that the people waiting can charge their phones.

Mei-Mei Venners, director of sales of Westlight, did not foresee that people will be camping overnight. She thought that if people will wait in line, it will be fair and more equitable. Acceptance of appointment will start Monday noon but people started lining up by Sunday evening as paid line holders or real estate agents to represent condo buyers.

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