Rayong- The Best Option For Tourists Looking For Hotels Near Pattaya

Rayong is a beautiful city located in Eastern Thailand. The city is approximately fifty kilometres away from Phuket, the popular beach town in Thailand. Rayong was once a laid back fishing village. But owing to a number of sightseeing attractions like nature parks, Beaches, islands etc., the city is gaining importance as a favoured tourist destination.

Most of the local Thai tourists and overseas tourists, who wish to escape from the crowded beaches of Pattaya opt to stay at Rayong. There are a number of bus and taxi services that transport visitors between the two cities. Tourists looking for luxurious resorts and hotels near Pattaya can book their stay at Rayong hotels. The hotels here offer the same amenities as those in Rayong but at far competitive rates.

Tourists can commute between Rayong and Pattaya by bus, taxi or private hire cars. The travel time by bus is roughly one hour and thirty minutes whereas the travel time by taxi or private car is only fifty one minutes. The tickets are also cheap and can be booked in advance. Owing to this convenience of travel, most of the travellers looking for convenient hotels near Pattaya, opt to stay at the luxurious hotels in Rayong.

There are a number of tourist attractions in and around Rayong. The serene and secluded beaches of Rayong are best suited for visitors who prefer privacy. They can escape the maddening tourist rush of the crowded beaches in Pattaya and enjoy swimming and snorkelling at the untouched beaches and islands near Rayong. Kho Samet is a popular island near Rayong. The island is popular among the tourists for its interesting nightlife and pulsating party scene. Rayong is the best stay option for travellers, who plan to visit KohSamet. They can hire a charter boat and visit KohSamet and other beautiful islands around Rayong.  Apart from the beaches and islands, there are a number of historical sites and nature parks around the city. Tourists can also shop for fresh and dried tropical fruits and seafood from the city.

Rayong is the best options for travellers, who are looking for luxurious hotels near Pattaya at cheap prices. The world class hotels in Rayong offer luxurious amenities to the guests.

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