Reasons For The Rising Demand For Flatbed Trucking

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the flatbed trucking sector has experienced a dramatic increase in demand. The demand was so high that trucking companies were forced to delay shipments and deliver slower performance. The flatbed freight sector was inundated by orders in spite of the plateau in other areas of freight.

Many people believe that flatbeds are trucks without a roof and sides. The truth is there are many different forms of flatbeds which are being used across the 4 major shipping options that include ground, rail, ocean and air. Flatbed tucking is the best option when shipping material loads that are too bulky and difficult to lift without using heavy machinery.

The increase in demand for flatbed freight is mainly due to the increased demand for imported goods. Refrigerated and cold storage flatbeds are used when transporting goods that come from port markets in Houston, Jacksonville and Savannah. Many products from overseas are less expensive but with high quality.

Another major contributor to the rising demand for flatbeds is the healthy construction industry. Before the pandemic, the residential construction sector was booming and resulted to an increase in demand for construction materials, components and machinery. Majority of the materials like wood and steel cannot be transported through other transport options.

Increased demand for crude oil contributed to the higher demand for flatbeds. Stable prices of crude oil also exacerbated the demand. Many materials that are used by the oil and energy industries like drums and oil containers have to be moved through flatbed freight.

The larger the goods and materials, the larger the size of transportation option needed. The phenomenal online ordering for everything from furniture to large electronics contributed to the popularity of larger transports. As consumers continue to be more comfortable with online purchases. shipping and freight companies have to adapt to the changes.

While it remains to be seen whether the high demand for flatbed trucking will continue, the numbers are quite positive. As states start to reopen, there will be an increased need for transport that can move larger goods and materials. The increased demand for flatbeds will be fruitful for the entire trucking industry.

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