Residents Of Elcho Island Happy With Health Retreat

Joan Malku is a local resident in Elcho Island. She is one of the people who have been impacted positively because of the health retreat that was introduced in the island.

There was a retreat that was held in the island for two weeks back in the month of August. Miss Malku was part of the program and since then she has been able to cut out sugar from her daily diet and is more inclined to consume healthier traditional foods.

The retreat program was called Hope for Health and it was initiated by a team of elders that are residing on the island. This is after their observation that the later generation needs improvement when it comes to caring for their health.

The program started back in April of last year and ever since then, two more have been held on the island.

Miss Malku shared that it was not easy for her to modify her routine but she is already seeing a big difference after doing so.

She said that the program is a new endeavor for her but it made her realize that there is a big difference between the food she should consume and the ones she has been eating which is consequently affecting her health. Because of her concern for her well being, she heeded the program’s recommendation.

She also revealed that eating habits from when she was small is different from now when she is already 59 years old. Her testimony showed that there is a big difference after she has modified her eating habits.

She is also hoping that the rest of her family would enroll in the program too after seeing the differences that is happening to her because she chose to be healthier. After going through the program, she admitted that she realized that every family should be part of the program too in order to give it a try.

The learning process involved made the participants know more about nutrition as well as exercise as part of their weekly lessons. The same thing and more will be taught if you are to embark on a health retreat in Thailand.

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