Retailers Increasing Their Focus On Humanizing The E-Commerce Experience, According To Report

iAdvize, a major conversational platform solutions firm that handles 2,000+ clients from across 100+ countries, recently published a survey of more than 100 US e-commerce and retail companies to see how the e-commerce field is changing customer experience.

The survey was conducted before and during the COVID-19 pandemic and noted that the vast majority of brands (93%) consider their official site a key part of their marketing endeavours. However, about 60% have stated that they’ve been hit with setbacks that get in the way of their digital projects, like improving King Kong digital agency review and the like.

Notably, the survey noticed that brands and retailers are becoming increasingly aware of the value of providing personal e-commerce experiences for their customers, in order to garner trust.

  • Brands and retailers have been acknowledging that customers want more than just convenience when they’re shopping online, with 71% stating that authenticity is a key factor in ensuring digital customer experience excellence, with personalization following suit.
  • About two-thirds of the respondents in the survey noted that their personalization endeavours are helpful in ensuring that people get good and memorable experiences while shopping online. A few (29%) of brands also stated that real-time, one-on-one advising as a useful tool for customer experience.

The fact that the survey was conducted pre- and mid-pandemic also highlighted how things like King Kong digital agency review and digital marketing changed in the wake of the pandemic. Notably, 55% of pre-pandemic respondents considered personalization as an important factor, compared to the 81% of the post-pandemic.

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