Ring Styles Changing – Custom Works And Alternatives To Diamond Becoming Popular

With time comes change. It’s not always the old giving way for the new, but there are definitely differences between what’s en vogue now than what is was a few years ago. Some things never go out of style, some go out of style for a bit then make a comeback. Regardless, it follows that with people’s mind-set changing, the trends follow suit. Engagement rings are not exempt from that; what may have been considered as unique engagement rings back then might not be as unique now.

The millennial trend towards engagement rings swing towards more unconventional and unique choices, with the traditional diamond-on-gold style is now being eschewed in favour of more distinct choices in ring design. The colour palette of rings is now more varied, with gold being replaced with rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum to name a few, to the centre stones varying from rubies, jade, to sapphires and emeralds, resulting in a more pigmented world of wedding jewellery.

In terms of structure, the uniqueness as just as apparent, with more custom rings becoming popular. With people emphasizing their need to have unique engagement rings; something special just for them. A few years ago, selecting a ring was fairly traditional; a perspective buyer would choose from a set of styles, and the jeweller would make it for them. But now, custom work is becoming the trend, following the standard diamond-on-gold combination no longer being considered as essential to a ring.

All of this shows that couples are now becoming more and more interested in asserting their sense of individuality, that they want to emphasize uniqueness; making a statement by choosing unique engagement rings.

There is some practicality to this mind-set, as the traditional diamond-on-gold style is steeply priced, with some couples being unable to afford such an option. With the trend towards unique engagement rings, however, the cheaper gemstones such as sapphires and rubies become viable choices.  Additionally, some people opt for alternative materials that suit their lifestyles, considering the fact that their ring is something they’ll wear for years to come.

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