Rugby Club To Play In A Field With Artificial Grass Bristol

In any given sports that is supposed to be played on an open field whether it’s football, rugby or even baseball, the safety of every single player, of every single member of the coaching staff of both competing teams, of all of the game officials present and most importantly, the spectators in attendance who will witness the game, should always be one of the top priorities of the tournament’s organizers in planning the games themselves. You see, the competition itself is already dangerous no matter how players try their best to be extra careful to begin so it’s one of the main responsibilities of the organizers and the game officials alike to make sure that every single detail that is related to the safety of everyone is carefully planned and strictly implemented. Now, in any kind of open field-played sports, a properly managed playing field is needed for teams to have a floor where they will compete against one another. Nowadays, the use of artificial grass Bristol is slowly gaining popularity not just as a replacement for the real grass for playing fields in Bristol but is also being used in artificial gardens for homes all around the planet due to the great number of benefits that comes with it.

In a news report which was released last February of this year, Keighley Rugby Union Club announced that it intends to play on an artificial grass Bristol pitch starting next season and beyond as part of the 75,000 Pound investment from the Rugby Football Union. Some may say it’s already an ambitious plan and in fact, it’s truly ambitious in a good way. Aside from the artificial grass, the said project also includes the instalment of floodlights that are powerful enough for the stadium to hold night games. Om addition to this, Keighley’s first team pitch was said to have been completely ripped upon the completion of the then on-going season and was replaced by a 3G surface that came with a shock layer that is similar to the one being successfully used by the reigning European champions, Saracens’ Allianz Park pitch which is in Hendon.

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