S8 Plus Limousine – One Of The Fastest And Most Powerful Cars From Audi

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Audi is boasting about its new all –wheel drive S8 Plus super limo that is one of the fastest cars of the prestige model. From a standstill of 100km/h the S8 Plus is 3/10th of a second faster than the S8 that takes about 3.8 seconds. Top speed is limited to 304km/h if the optional dynamic package is ticked to raise the electronic speed restraint to 250km/h.

The new S8 Plus limo is also claimed to have the highest power-to-weight ratio of any premium sports sedan. Raising the power from a regular S8’s 383kW/650Nm to a highly incredible 445 kW, the revised S8 Plus is definitely capable of generating 750 Nm on over-boost. The increase in power has made S8 Plus as a very powerful car, something that Audi is very proud to announce to the world.

In order to liberate the extra power, engineers at Audi have done more than just turn up the boost. The blown 4.0 liter V8 has been extensively modified and it comes with new exhaust valves and a pair of turbochargers with new innards for extra power. So that the S8 Plus will be able to cope with its new found pace, it comes with the standard carbon-ceramic disks.

Power is fed through an eight-speed automatic. To boost traction, there is an all-wheel drive with limited-slip rear differential. The S8 Plus also gets retuned adaptive air suspension with large 21-inch wheels.

All S8 Plus limousines will have the large sports exhaust with two oval high-gloss black tailpipes. Buyers will also the option of a 14-speaker premium sound system, bird’s eye view parking, privacy glass, power door closure and boot lid adaptive cruise control and autonomous braking.

In Europe, the Audi S8 Plus will sell at $277,000; however, the regular S8 has been priced Down Under at $279,000 plus on-road costs.

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