Safety Tips When Using A Press Brake

Ever since automation was invented, a lot of machines are able to operate without human intervention except for a few ones. One of these machines is the press brake which needs a human operator to be always present during operation. Due to the weight of the output handled, it is considered to be one of the most dangerous machines. This is why operators of the system are required to undergo proper training and they are mandated to wear the appropriate devices for safety. These two are hand in hand in making sure operators do their job with ease and without being afraid all the time.

While there are many hazards present while handling a press brake, the most obvious is the part of the machine where the die and the punch comes together or their point of contact also known as pinch point. To avoid accidents, make sure that the only thing found at the point of contact is the material that requires bending.

Experts said that operators should understand how a machine works in order to recognize dangers that are not just visible to the naked eye. One area which is not as obvious but also present great danger is during bending using a flange. During the bending process, the part could swing suddenly up and the operator could trap their hand in the middle where the upper beam and the part meets. It is a reminder that the tools are not the only things to look out for but also the part because of the possible danger.

Another hazard, less common but not unheard of, is the pinch injury caused by the backgauge. The movement of the backgauge as it prepares for position could pinch an arm or hand that is holding tools. The movement is possible even if the pedal has not been depressed.

Lastly, experts recommend that when handling press brake, operators should avoid putting their fingers or any parts in the point of contact between the die and the punch. This commonly occurs when the operator needs to place a tool into the holder but because of the heavy weight they had to hold the machine underneath.

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