Singapore International School Goes Public And Faces Criticism

A good education will help children flourish and encourage them to pursue their interests and passions. Children must be given the opportunity to learn from qualified teachers regardless of whether it is provided by the top 10 international schools in Thailand, bilingual schools or home schooling. Children must understand the importance of skills and values to enrich their lives and that of others.

Meanwhile, a private school that uses a Singapore curriculum is facing a possible court scrutiny in Thailand regarding its shares in the local stock exchange. Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB) was the first educational institution in Thailand that went public and it was criticized as an attempt to seek profit at the expense of education.

In an attempt to attract investments to improve educational standards, the government of Thailand does not impose taxes on private schools. According to critics, if SISB wants to be listed, it must pay the proper taxes. Mr. JutiKrairiksh, secretary-general of the Democrat Party, files a petition at the Central Administrative Court for the suspension in the trading of SISB shares.

The purpose of Mr. Juti’s petition is to prevent the worsening disparity among the schools in Thailand. When a school raises funds from the stock market, it has the opportunity to hire better professors to teach. However, the school can also raise its fees. The poor will have fewer choices.

According to educationists, the public school system of Thailand has suffered from years of neglect and mismanagement so that parents have to send their children to private educational institutions. In 2015, the Program for International School Assessments tested the skills of 15-year olds from 70 countries. Based on the results, Thailand ranked 54th for mathematics and 57th for reading. The country is far behind other Asian countries like Vietnam and China.

Parents can choose from the top 10 international schools in Thailand that offers more than just excellent academics. Students have incredible opportunities to prepare for overseas or local universities and become effective communicators and active problem solvers. Students are prepared to have the necessary skills required by the modern and rapidly changing workplace.

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