Spending A Wonderful Time At The Best Restaurant In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second city which is totally different from Bangkok. Here you see a relaxed environment, lively hill tribes and amazing mountains, something that Bangkok doesn’t have. The city blends ancient culture with natural wonders to create a unique character. It brings a lot of history when regional neighboursonce invaded it. Today, you can possibly tour magnificent attractions, dine in the best restaurant in Chiang Mai, and shop atmarvellously huge malls.

  • Eating Khao Soi

Find time to visit the best restaurant in Chiang Mai which make you taste a bowl of Khao Soi. It’s a noodle soup filled with curry broth and garnished with crispy noodles. Such cuisine is traditionally served with beef or chicken mixed with raw shallots, pickled cabbage, chili paste and a squeeze of lime. The famous Chiang Mai dish is served in regular stalls to the five-star resorts, all having their own rendition of the noodle soup. Pair the dish with Bai Bua Bok, a glass of herbal drink to help cool off the spicy meal.

  • Visiting the Doi Suthep

Located on the mountainous purview to the city’s northwest is Doi Suthep, a recognisable landmark in Chiang Mai. This is definitely a must-see in in the area. You will need to trek the very long steps of the Naga stairs just to visit the monastery at daytime. Once you reach the top, be overwhelmed with a panoramic view of the city. The best time to be here is at early mornings before the sun rises and have crowds flocking the attraction.

  • Relaxing

As compared to Bangkok, the lifestyle in Chiang Mai is relatively slower, where you have a sleepy ambience adding to the charm. To enjoy this lifestyle, you will want to visit the best restaurant in Chiang Mai to enjoy the best meals in town. Here you can try dining in a floating restaurant, where you can eat, drink, swim and be happy. You can also hire houseboats for a day and get yourself seeing the scenic surroundings. The best time to be here is at night when you see the moon and stars shining so bright in the sky.

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