Stars From The World Of Sports Train In Phuket

Patong is one of the more popular tourist destinations in the island of Phuket. If you desire luxurious accommodations with a swimming pool, spa and fitness centre, your best option is 5 star hotel in Patong that is located on a lush hilltop overlooking two magnificent bays. The hotel’s exceptional location is interesting to see and try.

In Phuket, gold medal winner Thanyapura is swimming in an Olympic pool that is ringed by a jungle. Last October, Maria Sharapova used the world-class tennis facilities in between the tournaments held in Singapore and Shanghai. According to Ricky Phantip, head triathlon coach of a sports resort, Dutch, Hong Kong and Philippine Olympic teams train in the island of Phuket.

A 3-day elite training program starts with an Olympian breakfast that is wheat-free with Thai alkaline and other selections broken down according to calories, carbohydrates and fat content. For $12, you can have avocado sushi or macadamia cheese patties. Mulberries are served in paper boxes and grasshopper and cashew cakes in banana leaves because the island prohibits the use of plastics.

The bike routes are planned by former Tour de France competitors that also prepared the bike route for Thanyapura. Car drivers in the island are used to seeing group of bikers as they ride through at 40 km/hr. Honey fragrant pineapples from the popular sweet variety are sold along the roadside for 10 baht.

Professional bikes that are provided to guests include a $4,000 dollar Cannondale that is used by professional tour cyclists like Slovak Philip Sagan. The bike being used by Phantip costs $12,000 that is why he is not gasping for breath. At the end of the day, the cyclists are treated to a sports massage. Athletes can also opt for other treatments like cupping and a 10-day detoxification program with consultations through on-site doctors.

Diets and lifestyles have changed in Phuket as well the available accommodations for guests. Because of continuing development to meet the influx of tourists, a guest can stay in a 5 star hotel in Patong andindulge in luxury. The perfect Phuket landscape can be admired from each room that is designed in rich earth tones.

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