Student And Athlete Is Role Model To Fellow Students

Sarah Hickman is not your ordinary student. She is an athlete, she does tutoring in Cerritos and more importantly, she is a role model to her peers.

At kindergarten, that’s when she first became a student who hungered for learning. When she played her first sports game; that was when first became an athlete. Now she is of both worlds. She is a student and an athlete.

Hickman is striving for excellence; that may be a fact. She has been doing more than just the minimum in both her academic and athletic life. Sarah Hickman graduated from La Mirada High School and afterwards, she went on to Cerritos College. Now, she will finally be graduating from Cerritos College with an associate degree in communication studies after two years of studying there.

Doing more than what is expected is normal for Hickman.

Hickman will only need 3 units to get ahead when she transfers. She will graduate with 77 units as she had taken 18 to 21 units every semester. She is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and academics are her top priority.

She says that when you have good grades or if you have a grade of 3.0 to 3.5 above grade point, there will be more options that will be opening for you in case you need to transfer.

As of the moment, Hickman has been accepted to the University of California Santa Barbara. She is also still waiting for acceptance from the University of California San Diego.

Teresa Velasquez-Ortega, her volleyball head coach, described her as the perfect example of a student-athlete as you would have to be a student first and maintain your grades positively before you are allowed to play or even transfer. She says that you would have to transfer and keep playing if you wish to keep playing the game you love.

Sarah Hickman loves volleyball and that is her only reason for playing it. She is devoted. But what is more remarkable about this student-athlete is the fact that she is also a member of the ASCC. On top of that, she is a Commissioner of Athletics in the ASCC Cabinet.

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