Survey Shows There Is An Increase In Teenage Girls Playing Video Games

According to a recent research, there is an increasing number of teenage girls that are enjoying video games. It is in fact included in their top 10 hobbies which come after singing and drawing. This is also the reason why cheap CD keys are getting more sales.

Aside from playing video games as a pastime, girls are also trying their hand in esports which is competitive gaming of online video games. In fact, the growth in participation from the girls aged between 13 and 15 years is even higher compared to that of boys from the same age group.

Kids Insights, the market research firm, is responsible for the study conducted. According to them, they have interviewed over 5,000 young people from the age of four until the age of 18. This is in line with their quarterly survey of the pastime of young people in Britain.

While there are an increasing number of girls that are playing video games, the gap between the genders with regards to video gaming as their favorite activity remains quite wide. Survey from young boys show that video gaming only takes second place and football remains to be their favorite pastime. For children between the age of four and 12, only 14 per cent of boys consider gaming as their favorite activity while only 21 per cent said so in the 13 to 18 years old category. For girls, only 3 per cent of them said that video gaming is their favorite. Girls are still inclined to traditional pastimes such as dancing, reading and swimming.

With regards toesports, the gender divide is not as big because more than 10 per cent from both genders between the age of 13 and 15 year old said that they join esports competition. The same percentage admitted that they have been to live events before. In fact, more girls are drawn towards the competitive online gaming than boys.

Young girls are now on the hunt for cheap CD keys unlike a few years ago when boys dominate the video gaming market. Times are truly changing.

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