Thai Sailing Not Given The Proper Attention

For this month, Bangkok was designated as the host to the SPIA Asia or Sports Industry Awards & Conference in Asia. There was a conference that was held for two days in order to witness presentations from leaders when it comes to regional sport industry such as TATA Consulting, IMG, Media Pro, Lagardere, Total Sports Asia, and GroupM among many others. The presentations tackle the best practices as well as recent developments when in the growing sports industry. After the conference, the Asian Sports Industry Awards followed suit.

The event was filled with information and opinions regarding various sports as well as a celebration for the industry. The sad fact is that sailing did not get as much attention as it should have.

When it comes to amateur sailing events, Thailand has the best in the regions. It is shown in the numerous sailors who are visiting the country from all over Asia and the globe in order to participate in the competitions in Thailand. There are many sailing events in the country such as Phuket Raceweek, Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, Bay Regatta, Samui Regatta and Top pf the Gulf Regatta. Despite these common events in Thailand, only regatta was included in the SPIA Asia’s shortlist, the Top of the Gulf Regatta. The event was awarded with Silver under the category for Best Amateur Event of the year in Thailand.

Another concern was that during the conference, the topic regarding sailing was given very little time. Many other sports were given much greater coverage such as badminton, table tennis, football, marathons, buffalo racing and more. There are many brands present during the event such as Chelsea and Liverpool. Sailing, on the other hand, was only mentioned very quickly. Many might have even missed it.

There are questions regarding this since Thailand is considered a prominent cruising ground worldwide. It has amateur regatta competitions that are established and known by many while there is very few knowledge spread to those who are not in the know.

Neighboring countries are trying their best to attract sailing events while Thailand is not even giving enough though and this is something that the country should think hard and long about.

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