Thailand’s International Hotel Chains

Thailand’s thriving tourism industry has resulted in the growth of more hotels. Included in this development are international hotel chains that have decided to try their luck in the hotel businesses.

Hotel chains, composed of hotels under the same name located in different places, are becoming popular in Thailand. An example of a well-known chair hotel is the Novotel Hotels by the AccorHotels group. It has opened its first Thailand branch in Phuket. You can access their website: What sets hotel chains apart is the similarity of their amenities and services which can give numerous benefits.

It’s All in the Name

International hotel chains are undoubtedly famous. Otherwise, how could they have such an expansive business? These hotels are known worldwide for their first-class service and facilities. Because of this, hotel managers usually do not really need to promote and market the hotel since central management is already taking care of it.

Aside from that, an established name also assures guests and visitors of the brand of service. In a way, guests know what to expect from the hotel and staff. In an unfamiliar place, this familiarity is welcomed.

Welcome to the Hotel Industry!

Because of a high volume of guests, hotel chains usually require a large workforce. This also benefits the local people by providing them opportunities to work. Aside from hotel staff, the local community can also partner with these hotels for supplies such as food, water, etc. Not only that, hotel chains also give more training opportunities, benefits and higher salaries.

Efficiency and efficacy

A high number of guests also means that the hotel is trained to deal with numerous bookings. Because of this, most hotel chains have efficient systems that help them deal with reservations and customer support.

Happy guests, happy hotel

What makes hotel chains great is that they really take care of their customers, inside and outside their establishments. Being a member of one of these hotels allows you to enjoy perks that other hotels don’t give. It’s a strategic move for both guests and the hotel.

AccorHotel group’s Novotel Hotels offer comfort and style no matter where they are, making them a beloved and respected hotel chain. For more information, visit:


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