The Challenging Job Of Serving Summonses And Warrants

The process of serving summons and warrants to defendant who must appear in court is not as dramatic as what you see on TV and the movies. Process servers do not wear disguise to make them appear like pizza delivery staff and neither do they hide behind bushes waiting for your arrival to serve the documents. Serving requests for court appearances and other legal documents are made through uniformed deputies.

Uniformed deputies in Franklin County serve between 8,000 and 9,000 court notices annually. According to Erin Wild, the civil division administrative assistant, there are only 5 uniformed deputies who are required to cover 902 square miles with a population of 102,000 individuals. In some instances, the deputy has to serve papers to the same individual several times while the court case has not been settled.

Wild explains that court summonses for divorce, evictions, civil lawsuits and orders for protection are handled by the civil office. Everyone thinks that their case must be the priority that is why the civil office receives an overwhelming number of calls. People can be very emotional and they are not thinking rationally. In some cases, when summons are served deputies are blatantly avoided. Although an individual will not be arrested for evading the deputy, the action will be reported by the deputy to the judge particularly if it can be clearly seen that you are at home and refuse to open the door.

Sometimes, the deputy has no choice but to serve the papers at the place of work after exhausting all efforts for service to be done at home. Deputies do not want to embarrass people because they are usually at the lowest point in their life. However, it is better to face the problem, accept the summons to gain the chance to be heard in court.

Serving summons and warrants can a challenging job with the high possibility of being threatened or attacked. Wax Jacket has a reputation of 80% success rate on the first attempt to serve the legal documents. All relevant laws and respect for human rights are followed strictly during the performance of the job.

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