The Cost Of Project Management Training In Brisbane

Having a project-based career can be both a fulfilment and yes, it’s a headache for most of the time. Nowadays, project-based workers are slowly becoming the norm especially in the IT industry with numerous project involving complex infrastructures popping out of the blue sky every now and then. To begin with, regardless of the size and scope of the project you are working on or, managing on a daily basis, it will be essential to the growth of the company in the long run even though the said project may be so simple for you. As a responsible project manager, it’s already among your top obligations not to the company you are working for but also, to yourself that you under a formal project management training in Brisbane or in any major city in the world because of the mere fact that undergoing such a training course will help you expand that skillset that you have right and eventually, it will allow you to be assigned to work on more projects the peak of your career.


To begin with, the main objective of undertaking an accredited-by-the-state project management training in Brisbane is mainly to offer aspiring project managers the skills that they will be needing for them to understand the basic and important principles of managing a project. Nowadays, the cost for going through this specific training varies according to the level of a project manager that is required by your company and, the detail that you are going to need. A foundation course in PRICE2 for example, can already cost 315 Pounds plus value added tax. Now, once you have completed the foundation, and you wish to continue to the practitioner course, that will cost you an additional 315 Pounds, again plus the value-added tax. Now, if you prefer to learn by taking up DevOps course, you can do so. Just be sure to prepare 600 Pounds for the online classes, examinations. Although a face-to-face will cost you more, it’s recommended that you choose to learn and train with a licensed tutor because you will have someone to ask help from in case you need support.

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