The Cremation Jewelry Trend

A jewelry designer from Limington, Amy Richardson, started a new business wherein she combines glass jewelry into the cremated ashes in a way to help lessen the grief felt by her clients. This cremation jewelry trend came after the cremation urn jewellery rose to popularity in the funeral industry.

Richardson first thought of the idea in 2014 when her stepfather passed away. Because of her grief, she had no idea that it will turn into something that will bring comfort to other families as well. She has been in the jewelry making industry for over 10 years and this is the reason why she has knows the process of fusing glass.

It was then she thought of mixing the ashes of her stepfather into the glass fusing process. In the end, she was able to create a simple and subtle necklace that she was able to wear it daily. There are many instances wherein people thought she is wearing just a regular necklace. The only time they know about the necklace’s story is when she told them about it or if they asked about its story in particular.

The necklace proved to be a great source of comfort for her and it eventually helped her as she was able to establish her own business. She is now the proud owner of 919 Cremation Jewelry. The number on the name is actual a date, 9/19, because it holds a special place in her heart. Based on numerology, the number is equivalent to new beginnings.

Richardson said that she really wanted to start the business in order to help other people as they process their own grief and the pain of losing someone they love in a whole new way. It is a method of healing for her because she is able to wear the necklace every day and she felt like he is with her all the time.

Richardson said that the cremation urn jewelry can be made using human or pet ashes if desired. Clients can choose from a necklace or earrings or it can be other items as well such as tie clips, cufflinks and key rings.

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