The Five Easy Steps To Utilise A Foundation That Covers Tattoos

A prominent online magazine once interviewed famous celebrity makeup artist David Maderich about how he used a foundation that covers tattoos for covers, photoshoots and ad campaigns. He claimed that it’s his job as a makeup artist to cover tattoos, especially on special occasions, like weddings, office parties and holiday family gatherings. So, below are his suggested five step processes to cover a tattoo:

Step 1: Before one applies makeup on the skin or tattoo, he or she must use alcohol pad to clear it from traces of oil or dirt, especially when doing the cover up.

Step 2: With the basic colour theory as a guide, one should use an orange pigmented concealer to hide away green, black or dark blue tones in the tattoo. Use a flat concealer brush and layer the tattoo with a very thick even layer of orange pigment. You can use a skin corrector in pure orange.

Step 3: Use a popular brand of translucent face powder after applying foundation that covers tattoos on the face. Allow the orange foundation or concealer to be coated with translucent powder and let it stand for five minutes. Then use a soft powder brush to clear the excess powder without eliminating the orange pigment.

Step 4: Next, using a cosmetic sponge or beauty blender, paint with a heavily pigmented foundation or concealer that exactly fits your skin tone. Keep painting until the tattoo is completely covered. If the tattoo is dark, use layers of foundation or concealer with powder to cover it. When you’re satisfied with the tattoo cover, apply some translucent powder, allow it to stand for 10 minutes, and then gently clear the powder. You can try a camouflage crème that comes in various colours, or a specific foundation that covers tattoos to mix and match with the colours.

Step 5: To make the tattoo makeup smudge proof and waterproof, spray on the tattoo area a light coating of finishing spray to lock the hard work. There are many makeup finishing sprays to use for this purpose.

Once the event or party is over, you can gently deep cleanse the tattoo area to remove the makeup.

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