The Growing Demand For Humanist Funeral Ceremonies

In the United Kingdom, families still prefer traditional funerals however; non-religious funeral services are starting to be in demand. Society is changing because 16 years ago when a census was a taken, at least 7.7 million people considered themselves as non-religious. Based on the most recent census that was taken in 2011, at least 14 million people are now considering themselves as non-religious, almost double the previous figures.

Even if the family is not religious, they would still want to send off their departed loved one through a ceremony. An option for the non-religious is the humanist funeral service which is personal ceremony that remembers the person who passed away and allows the family to say their final goodbye.

The humanist funeral does not include any religious prayers. The ceremony allows the family to reflect on the life of their loved one through kind words, music, a moment of silence and readings from the grieving family and friends.

A humanist funeral ceremony can be customized according to the requirements of the family. No script is followed and people can express their personal thoughts and gratitude. In most humanist ceremonies, a celebrant conducts the ceremonies although the family remains in control. The celebrant usually discusses with the family the life of the loved one to be able to paint the best picture of the person’s life and personality. Celebrants usually have years of experience in conducting funeral ceremonies and can provide suggestions on the type of music and readings.

The personal nature a humanist ceremony makes it more unique from other ceremonies. Because it is unique, the humanist ceremony becomes more meaningful for families and friends. The tributes are very personal in nature and the moment of silence allows the family to reflect on the life of the departed loved one.

People usually have different cultures and religions and funeral homes in Sydney always respect the wishes of the grieving families. A funeral director is always present and prepared to assist the family in deciding the funeral arrangements for their departed loved one. Details like viewing periods, tributes and memorials are taken cared of without any hassle.

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