The Importance Of Online Reviews

Online reviews are now a key facet of digital marketing, acting like the lovechild of word-of-mouth marketing and feedback.

It doesn’t take much to see why online reviews are important, but for those still in doubt, here are a few points to help make it clear.

Better customer understanding

Reviews are the opinion of customers. That means that, by analyzing them, your organization/brand/company gets a better grasp of what’s going in your customers’ heads.

In turn, this information can be used to improve your offerings and provide better customer experiences.

Credibility & social proof

People are social creatures; that’s an idea that people are familiar with even before the days of feudalism.

This matters for marketers as people look at what other people say before they commit to their purchasing decisions. In the same way that people ask for recommendations from friends and family, reviews let us see if people think something is worth buying.

Give customers a voice

People think their time matters, so when customers leave a review, they feel like you’re worth it.

Reviews are a chance for you to not only give them a voice, but also foster some customer loyalty, create a customer base, and get a steady stream of feedback which you can use to get the edge on the competition.

Free marketing

This one is fairly obvious. When people post a king kong advertising review, then they’re basically telling others why your brand’s offerings are worth patronizing or not.

In other words, they do the marketing for you. All you have to do is pay attention and make it worthwhile for people to put up reviews.

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