The New Age Of Funerals And Memorials – Advent Of New Trends For A More Meaningful Memorial

Losing someone dear to us is hard, and arranging a memorial in a time of grief is a great task. That is why it is typical to employ a funeral director to organize and administer the tasks involved so loved ones left behind can properly grieve their loss. Nowadays, a proper funeral has evolved so much from the traditional customs. Incorporating technology and personalized request, funerals and memorials have become more meaningful with creativity and personal touch while the solemnity of the ceremony is kept intact. Funeral Directors in Perth have become more creative in arranging memorials to make the final farewell for the departed a special event to those who are left behind.

The Evolution of Memorials

Funeral Directors in Perth have become in demand because of the changing opinions and preferences of the modern generation. In fact, more and more people have considered a career in this industry as Mortuary Schools get increasing enrolees. The new generation of families is more inclined to new trends rather than sticking to traditions. This market prefers a personalized touch to give more meaning to the event, highlighting more of the departed’s personality so that their time on earth will be remembered rather than concentrating on their leave. Some even prefer to keep their memories alive even after the funeral, by leaving a part of the departed to still grow in the world, for instance, buying a start and naming it after the departed or converting ashes into coral reef balls are only some of the trends growing in popularity nowadays.


Needless to say, the present world is at a faster pace than it was years ago. A modern family does not always have all or most of its members in one place, but exploring opportunities far from home. In a time of loss, not everyone may have the chance to come home to grieve but thanks to technology, they can now take part in the memorial. A website that honours the departed, live streaming of the funeral broadcasts and online obituaries are some of the new trends utilizing technology in funerals and memorials. Though physical presence is still more meaningful but the help of technology is still a big favour since inevitable circumstances still can happen that hinders physical attendance.

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