The Real Deal With Natural Home Cleaning Products

When we watch television, we see commercials of everyday cleaning products we use. Even when we are out of the house, these advertisements follow us. There are so many products available commercially that it is not surprising to know that a number of companies manufacturing them are actually bending the truth to get more customers. Even our trusted carpet cleaning in Perth might not be aware that the products they claimed to be natural are actually laced with chemicals.

Many years ago, back when consumers are not yet so conscious of the products they are using, almost all cleaning products are manufactured using chemicals in order to effective in cleaning. This eventually changed when customers became more aware and companies have to adapt, maybe not with the way they make their products, but with their marketing methods.

One of the most common terms we see plastered in front of household cleaning products is all natural. It used to mean that the product is safe to use but as the years go by we found out much to our disappointment that all natural is not the same as safe.

Another marketing word that has been used too many times is bio-degradable. This is where people think is the big difference between paper and plastic. They assumed that bio-degradable only applies to paper when in fact it can be used in plastics as well – the only difference is how long before the material deteriorates. This is the same with chemicals. It is not right to assume that a bio-degradable household cleaner is any better than those that are regular cleaner.

Another marketing play used too often these days is the word green. Do green cleaning products mean what it really means? Manufacturers can use the word green without having to get their products tested because there is no regulation concerning the use of the word green. The amount of regulation with the word green is just as much when the words environmentally friendly are used. Therefore, it is advisable to ask your hired carpet cleaning in Perth about the cleaning products they are using and do your own research to make sure that those products are actually safe as claimed.

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