The Risks Of Posting Negative Reviews On Online Platforms

An anonymous honest review of an employer is very valuable to job seekers because it gives them an idea on what is actually going on in an organization. However, employees must always be truthful and honest with their reviews particularly if they are still part of the company. Some employees have been honest enough to post King Kong agency reviews to share the good experiences with other job seekers.

There are online platforms where customers can share their disappointing experience with a restaurant and employees can anonymously share their opinions. However, an anonymous negative review against an employer is not only personally objectionable but legally actionable.

According to Aaron Mackey, staff attorney at Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group, many employers are planning to initiate litigation regarding the bad reviews that former employees post. In fact, EFF has filed briefs involving Glassdoor as they seek to unmask the anonymous users on behalf of individuals who have the right to anonymous online speech.

Many employers are taking legal action to send a message to employees. Years ago, employers were the ones being sued but now employers have become more aggressive in taking legal action. According to Donna Ballman, Florida-based employment lawyer, she is expecting a huge rise in employer lawsuits against their employees.

There are flagged users who are writing negative reviews that could be easily challenged by their employer. If the employer claims defamation, the courts will determine whether the opinion is proven true or false. For example, if an employee writes that the CEO used illegal drugs at a work party, it cannot be considered as an opinion.

Posting anonymously does not guarantee that the employer will not find out the identity. In a criminal case, the court required Glassdoor to comply with a subpoena seeking the identities of 8 accounts including information related to the user’s identities.

Several employees posted honest King Kong agency reviews because they want to encourage new talent to the company. They write their opinions regarding work culture, life-work balance, management and growth opportunities because in the competitive job market, potential employees will be encouraged by positive reviews.

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