The Truth About George Washington’s Dentures

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Speaking of dentures, one of the myths regarding US President George Washington is his wooden dentures. There are no records that support the existence of dentures made from wood but it is a known fact that George Washington had problems with dental hygiene and it might have caused the dental pains.

The fact is Washington’s dentures were made from hippo ivory and human slave teeth. This story was revealed in an in-depth article by William Maloney, clinical associate professor of dentistry at the New York University. The article was published at The Conversation. Professor Maloney has studied the history of Washington’s teeth because he wanted to separate facts from fiction.

The most recognized portrait of an American president was produced by Gilbert Stuart. He had to stuff Washington’s mouth with cotton to bulk up his face. During Washington’s session with the painter in 1795, his face looked too sunken because of poor facial support from the ill-fitting dentures.

The dental problems of Washington probably started during his time in Virginia Militia where he fought alongside the British during the French-Indian war. In his diary, Washington wrote that he paid 5 shillings to a certain Doctor Watson to extract his tooth. He also purchased dozens of toothbrushes, tooth powders and paste and tincture of myrrh.

Washington only had one tooth remaining when he took his first oath of office as president of the United States. Dr. John Greenwood made a denture for Washington from carved hippopotamus ivory, human teeth and brass nails. The human source of Washington’s dentures was not revealed.

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