Things To Do In Krabi Boat Lagoon

Krabi is one of the most sought-after areas in Thailand. Its prestige lies on its rich culture, stunning beaches and breathtaking views. Because of its popularity, Krabi is already frequented by tourists and if you want to experience a quiet vacation, you might find it hard in Krabi with all its rowdy crowds of tourists. The good news is, there are still isolated and exclusive areas in Krabi such as the Krabi Boat Lagoon.  With all its exclusivity, you can do more in visiting the area. Some of these activities include the following:

Go nature tripping

You are not in Krabi if you would not experience their crystal clear waters and their rich marine life. While in Krabi, visit the nearby islands with your yacht and marvel at its glory and history. You can also laze around on the shore with a cocktail in your hand, safe and secure because you are in an exclusive area away from potential dangers of heavy crowds. By staying in Krabi Boat Lagoon, you get to enjoy the privacy you deserve while taking in the joys that nature brings.

Visit the local markets and attractions

With all the isolation offered by an exclusive hotel, surprisingly, there are those that are located just mere 15 minutes worth of drive away from the airport and ten minutes to Krabi town. This way, you can visit the town and shop till you drop at their local market. Shop for amazing souvenir pieces that you can give as tokens to friends and colleagues. You can just rent a car or motorbike to go around town freely.

Party and dine in exciting restos and bars

When you are done with the shopping and nature tripping, get dressed at Krabi Boat Lagoon and dine in their local restaurants. Feast on their native seafood dishes that you will not find in other countries and you’ll be amazed at how fresh and affordable they are. When you are done filling your gastronomic cravings, party the night away in their exciting and excited bars and meet new people and fellow tourists.


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