This Summer Give Protection To Your Skin With Sunscreen

Skin is considered as one of the important organs as it provides protection to the body from various elements like dust, pollution and harmful UV rays. Beauty of person is also projected via glow in the skin. In current environmental conditions, it is a tough task to maintain the health and glow of the skin. Ageing, wrinkles, pimples, scars, pigmentation etc. are a result of stress, overexposure to UV rays and pollution. All these conditions make the skin sensitive. Now it is necessary to protect your skin with a shield.


Exposure to UV rays will be high in the hot summer months. It is necessary to use ครีมกันแดดผิวแพ้ง่าย. Sunscreen creams protect your skin from damaging UV rays either by preventing them from touching your skin or by absorbing them. Many sunscreens also help the skin to rejuvenate and retain the glow.


The power of sunscreen is measured based on Sun Protection Factor (SPF). If SPF is 30. It means it gives nearly 97 percent of protection to the skin. Checking SPF is important while buying sunscreen creams and lotions. Organic chemical combination is used   for protection of skin against UV rays. Many of the sunscreens also contains moisturiser.


Many sunscreens lotions are available in the market.  We must choose basing on our skin type. People with oily skin can use water or gel based moisturizers that are light and allow the skin to breathe. Whereas, people with dry skin can get sunscreen which has moisturiser in it.


It is a must to apply sunscreen creams for sensitive skin while going out on a sunny day.  You need to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going out. Apply sunscreen in the areas that are getting exposed. After returning back, it is essential to clean your face with fresh water to remove dirt and grime that has accumulated on the skin.


Using the right type of sunscreen allows your skin to stay protected from the harmful UV rays. It is advisable to use a high quality ครีมกันแดดผิวแพ้ง่าย throughout the year to ensure the skin does not get burnt or tanned, when you venture out in the sun.

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