Tips In Replacing Brown Leather Watch Strap For Men

Replacing brown leather watch strap for men may sound so easy when you can just buy a new leather strap and you’re done. However, there are some things to consider if you want a perfectly fitting leather band for your watch. Here are some things to do.

Find out what your watch strap size is

In order to get the right strap for you, it is important that you know the right measurements relative to the strap to make it functional. To determine the strap size, you can refer to your old strap and see if the size is indicated on the inside of the band. Otherwise, you can just measure the lug width of your watch. To do this, get the measurement from one end of the lug to the other. You can find the lugs at both ends of the watch or the part where the brown leather watch strap for men is attached.

Determine the right strap length for you

The next point to measure is the suitable length of the strap. Although straps are pretty much flexible since there are several adjustment holes on the strap to which you can clasp the tang buckle to, it would be safe if you know the exact measurement of your strap to be accurate. The strap length for men ranges from 6 ½ to 9 ¼ inches. If your wrist is relatively average in measurement, go for standard straps.

Additional tips in

If you want a replacement strap, you can easily find one on the internet and even from offline shops. The good thing about buying offline is that you can peruse it personally and determine whether it is authentic or not. You will know that a brown leather watch strap for men is authentic is by its smell. Authentic leather has its distinct, fur smell while fake ones smell of plastic. However, buying online can be convenient. You just have to purchase the item from a reliable supplier to ensure that you are buying authentic leather for your watch band.

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