Tips On How An Average Family Can Enjoy An Inexpensive Vacation

Many families are already planning for a vacation for the spring and summer break. However, based on the results of an American Express report for 2013, the average cost of a family vacation for four is about $4,580 which is not very affordable for an average American family.

Vacations are a great way for a family to bond but not unless they get around the hefty price tag, family vacation remains to be luxury. On the other hand, a family vacation can be affordable if you search for a budget friendly trip that will not require you to take out a loan.

One of the affordable family vacations can be enjoyed if you go to a place where the dollar is strongest. With a favourable exchange rate and a low cost of living index, everything will be inexpensive. The only drawback to this approach is the cost of the flight which is usually expensive. However, you can always use the credit card’s reward points and miles or cash back to help offset some of the travel costs.

Travelling to a distant place will only become affordable if you opt to stay longer. You can save a lot of money by staying in inexpensive family resorts and participating in local entertainment. If is very likely that the family can enjoy a vacation on $50 to $100 a day or even less by trying local food, amenities and activities. This will be worth the expensive flight.

In Cuba, you can book for nice apartment accommodation for as low as $25 a night. At the current exchange rate, the accommodation can be pretty upscale as well as dining options. Cost Rica is another popular and affordable destination and very near the United States.

In Southeast Asia, a family vacation is relatively inexpensive with lots of fun and adventure on the beaches. You can stay at a family resort in Phuket and enjoy lots of water and sunshine not to mention its delicious food. Transport in Thailand is simple and organized. For example, from Bangkok, the capital city, you can book for a bus and boat that will take you to the island Phuket.

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