Tips To Choose A Blacksmith Hammer

Hammers are an essential tool for blacksmiths. They help the blacksmith to mould the metal into different shapes. The quality of the hammer plays an important role in determining the quality of the final product and hence it is essential to choose a hammer of the right type and quality.

Though most of us feel all the hammers are the same, there are a variety of Blacksmith hammers that are suitable for doing different jobs. Some factors to consider, while choosing hammers are


The size and weight of the hammer is an important consideration. Blacksmithing needs a lot of skill apart from the force. You have to choose a hammer of the ideal weight depending on the work to be done. You have to be comfortable lifting and hitting with the hammer. Choose a hammer that lands on the metal with optimum force while not tiring your arms.


There are many types of Blacksmith hammers in the market. Some of the most popular types of hammers are ball peen hammers, straight peen hammers, flatters, sledges, cross peen hammers, etc. The type of hammer should depend on the work to be done. The type and shape of the hammer determines the shape of the final product.


The style of a Blacksmith hammers is determined by its origin and shape. The hammers are of different styles such as Swedish style hammer, German style hammer, French style hammer etc. The shape and form of each hammer is different from the other. You have to choose a style depending on your personal preference and style.


There are a number of manufacturers that produce different hammers. Choose hammers produced by reputed and reliable manufacturers. Avoid buying hammers from hardware stores and visit speciality stores that stock genuine Blacksmith hammers and supplies. Invest in high quality hammers manufactured by reputed companies.


The cost of Blacksmith hammers can range anywhere from $45 to $145.  The cost of a hammer depends on its style, type and manufacturer. The quality of a hammer also plays an important role in its cost. Choose a good quality hammer that suits your style and requirement and is comfortable to work with.

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